why kargi fx

Safety of Funds

Our lists of Preferred Brokers are dedicated to retaining your buying and selling secured. They comply with strict suggestions via way of means of the authority and this offer our customers guarantee that any finances held with those agents are steady all times.

Sequestration of Finances

All customers finances are segregated below the reputable regulator’s consumer finances guidelines and can’t be utilized by the agents and obtain precedence within the occasion of bankruptcy.


Our lists of Preferred Brokers are obligated to their personal regulatory and supervision body. All customers finances are initiated, monitored and dispersed according with strict consumer monetary guidelines, and no attempt is spared in keeping the integrity of the finances.

Funds in Tier 1 Bank Accounts

Clients' finances and brokers' finances are each stored in top-tier banks like JP Morgan Chase Bank, HSBC Bank, Citi Bank, Barclays Bank, and few others from distinctive jurisdictions.

Protection through the FSCS*

Clients can be eligible to place declare into the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) within the occasion the agents are not able to fulfil its monetary obligations. Eligibility relies upon at the repute and the character of the claim.

*Only applicable to certain brokers.

Extra Reassurance

Extra consolation with Negative Balance Protection.* The Negative Balance Protection is to guarantee that customers can't lose more than their underlying store. This assurance is offered as a shield notwithstanding programmed position liquidation if your record falls underneath 100% upkeep edge. If a bizarrely unexpected market development considers into a negative equilibrium, the intermediaries will take your record back to nothing, up as far as possible dictated by the merchants.

*Only applicable to certain brokers.